'90 Day Fiancé's Ashley Reveals She and Manuel Dabble in 'Sex Magic' (Exclusive)  

In an interview with ET, '90 Day Fiancé' newcomers Ashley and Manuel talked about her being a self-proclaimed witch.

90 Day Fiancé newcomers Ashley and Manuel are already making a splash due to her being a self-proclaimed witch. ET's Melicia Johnson spoke to the couple at the season 10 premiere of 90 Day Fiancé in New York City, and she explained what that exactly entails.

Manuel and Ashley got engaged within a week of meeting one another in Ecuador, and after 10 years, he's finally moving to America. However, he definitely has trouble accepting that she's a witch. Ashley told ET about what she does as a witch.

"I'm a witch, I'm a seer, I'm a healer, I work in spirituality," she said. "I help people build their online brands in spirituality. I work with tarot, astrology, the Akashic records. I'm all about helping people get to their best version of self. That's what I do and so we use magic to do this, we use manifestation to do this, we use mantra work to do this, we use all sorts of things to do this and shadow work specifically, right? How can we get to the best version of self when we're not really identifying the things that we are doing and the habits that we are doing to hold us back or create negative feedback loops, you know what I mean? So that's what it looks like, and yeah, I think I am the first official witch [in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise]. I think there have been some people that may have dabbled in tarot here or there, but this is my job."

Manuel told ET that Ashley only told him she was a witch once while they were dating and he didn't "really pay attention to it" and was then surprised. But Ashley said she and Manuel have now even "dabbled in sex magic."

"Oh it looks like a number of different things, honey," she elaborated. "Yeah, a little bit of sigil work, little bit of mantra work. You put it underneath the bed or the pillow, you get after it, girl."

"[Works] every single time," she added. 

Ashley said she wanted to represent witches in a positive light on the show as well as highlight her and Manuel as a couple.

"Yeah, I want any 90 Day fans to know that we are here because we love each other, we're here because we feel like representation is important, we're a minority couple," she said. "I'm a woman of color, he's a Latin man, we feel like we need more of that on the show, representation for the spiritual community. There are hundreds of thousands of witches out there working in a good, positive way doing the same thing that I'm doing and that needs to be highlighted as well and we mean no harm. So everybody enjoy the show, enjoy us, watch our love story and judging is bad news bears, so that's it."

But on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Manuel definitely had some big issues with Ashley calling herself a witch once he arrived in America. He argued that she wasn't a witch because she didn't do magic that hurt people.

"I don't think she's a witch because in Ecuador, witches are people who do harm," he told cameras. "But she's not that."

Ashley and Manuel continued to argue about what being a witch really means, and it's clear it's going to be a huge issue between them.

"I want my partner to love and respect every single part of me, even the parts he doesn't understand," Ashley told cameras. "He's not understanding. He's looking at this old school witch from Snow White definitions. I'm a mother-f**king witch, ho. Like, how are you not getting that? ... I'm not OK with being judged that way by my partner. My partner shouldn't judge me, period. I would be going against everything that I believe in by marrying somebody who doesn't understand or respect what I do. He's gonna get there if he truly loves me and is in this relationship for the right reasons. We have some work to do."

Meanwhile, Manuel said it "hurt" him to hear her say she's a witch.

"I'm very Catholic," he said. "It's hard, it's very hard."